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Conference Proceedings
Audiovisual Translation Scenarios

Proceedings of the Marie Curie Euroconferences
MuTra: Audiovisual Translation Scenarios
Copenhagen, 1-5 May 2006

Copyright 2006-2007 by MuTra
Permission to make digital or hard copies of part or all of the papers in these proceedings for personal or classroom use is granted without fee provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and that copies refer to this copyright and cite the original publication in the MuTra Conference Proceedings. Abstracting with credit is permitted. Authors may reuse any portion of their work, without fee, in future works of the Author's own, including books, lectures and presentations in all media, or to post author-prepared versions of the work covered by this copyright in a personal collection on their own Home Page and on a publicly accessible server provided the MuTra copyright and publication are cited.
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EU-High-Level Scientific Conference Series
MuTra 2006 - Conference Proceedings

Audiovisual Translation Scenarios

Proceedings of the Marie Curie Euroconferences MuTra:
Audiovisual Translation Scenarios - Copenhagen 1-5 May 2006

edited by Mary Carroll (Berlin), Heidrun Gerzymisch-Arbogast (Saarbrücken)
and Sandra Nauert (Saarbrücken)


I: Multilingual Subtitling Scenarios
Stephen Armstrong, Colm Caffrey & Marian Flanagan (Dublin)
Translating DVD subtitles from English-German and English-Japanese using Example-Based Machine Translation
Eduard Bartoll (Barcelona)
Subtitling multilingual films
Marcella De Marco (Roehampton)
Multiple portrayals of gender in cinematographic and audiovisual translation discourse
Lena Hamaidia (Sheffield)
Read my Lips: Gaps in meaning between spoken and subtitled dialog
Jenny Mattsson (Göteborg)
Linguistic variation in subtitling. The subtitling of swearwords and discourse makers on public television commercial television and DVD
Sara Ramos Pinto (Lisbon)
Theatrical Texts vs Subtitling. Linguistic variation in a polymedial context
Stavroula Sokoli (Athens)
Learning via Subtitling (LvS): A tool for the creation of foreign language learning activities based on film subtitling

II: Multidimensional Translation Contexts
Mario De Bortoli (Roehampton) & Fabio Minazzi (Milan)
Localization of rich-media interactive ads
Yves Gambier (Turku)
Multimodality and Audiovisual Translation
Minako O'Hagan (Dublin)
Teletranslation Revisited: Futurama for Screen Translators?
Christopher Taylor (Trieste)
"I knew he'd say that!" A consideration of the predictability of language use in film
Francisco Utray Delegado (Madrid)
Universal Design for digital television in Spain
Juan Antonio Prieto Velasco, María Isabel Tercedor Sánchez &
Clara Inés López Rodríguez (Granada)
Using Multimedia Materials in the Teaching of Scientific and Technical Translation
Juan Francisco López Vera (Barcelona)
Translating Audio description Scripts: The Way Forward?

III: Multidimensional Interpreting Contexts and Beyond
Sabine Braun (Surrey)
Multimedia communication technologies and their impact on interpreting
Pilar Orero (Barcelona)
Voice-over: A Case of Hyper-reality
Copyright 2006-2007 by MuTra